Complete list of errors in Lea and Burke

Errors that are not just typographical are marked with **.
Revised 8/17/98
Credit for page layout goes to DeNee Reiton Skipper
Page iv "About the Authors"
In the first paragraph of the description of John Burke, the "c" is missing from "education".
Page ix
In the list of Credits, John Hubisz' name is mispelled.
Page 7
Figure 0.7 caption. Crakow should be Krakow.
Page 35
Figure 1.19. 53 degree angle top left should be marked theta = 53 degrees.
Page 36
Figure 1.21 Change 11 (km) to (11 km)
Page 57
Table 2.1. Last entry in 2nd column should be 18, not 9. Also, continue the plus or minus 5 down the column, 119 plus or minus 5, etc.
Page 147
Example 4.14, first line of SETUP,
SumFx = max
The m should be M (i.e. cap, italic).
Page 218
In problem 15 answers (a) and (b) the lower case m should be an upper case M.
Page 316
Figure 9.37(b) script l sub f should be sf.
Page 331
Interchange subscripts "circ" and "descent" in first expression (after first equals sign and before the second.)
Page 333
In the instructor note, in some (but not all) books, the E in instantaneous did not print completely
Page 336
Example 10.2; add "= 0.92 m/s." It should read:
u1 = u2 = (v o)/sqrt(2) = 0.92 m/s.
Page 364
In Figure 11.4(b), The symbols showing torque into the page have the arrows in the wrong direction.
Page 376
Figure 11.27 caption, part (e). "juncion" should be "junction"
Page 420
Problem 45(d): The u in "you" did not print completely.
Page 453
Figure 13.32 title. "probems" should be "problems"
Page 527
** There is a sign error in equation 16.6. The minus sign on the right hand side should be a plus. Then in the paragraph below, the text should read "The density variation is in phase with the pressure."
Page 672
** Problem 42 should read "The block rises 25 cm" not "the block falls.."
Page 695
In Figure 20.18, the label "brass" should be "copper".
Page 809
In Problem 42, the last word should be "shell".
Page 814
In the first marginal note, "STUDY HINT", "FOUR" should be "THREE"
Page 845
Figure 26.4(b). Interchange + and - signs on battery.
Page 858
In Figure 26.26, the label R=0.020 ohm should be R= 0.20 ohm.
Page 905
Page 916
Page 950
In problem 60, the angular velocity omega should be a vector, i.e. boldface with an arrow.
Page 1010
In Figure 31.23, the label 6.7 kohm should be R.
Page 1011
In Problem 19, the reference to Figure 32.23 should be to Figure 31.23.
Page 1051
** Above equation 33.11, we should have I = <S> and then a factor of 1/2 in front of the last two expressions in that line.
Page 1108
In the first line of section E8.3, "velocity" should be "speed".
Page 1148
In the line immediately preceding Example 36.1, replace "nuclei" with "atoms".
Page 1175
**There are several errors in Table 37.3. The half-lives should be:
Element A Half life
Pu 237 452 d
Pu 239 24110 y
Pu 241 14.35 y
Am 238 98 m
Am 240 50.8 h
Am 241 432.2 y
Am 242 16.0 h
Page A14
Answer to Problem 12.69 should be 3MR2/5 not 3MR2/2.
Page A 15
Answer to Problem 18.67 should be m = +0.4 not - 0.4.
Page A17
Answer to Problem 23.59 should be 36 Nm2/C , not 47.
Page A17
Answer to Problem 24.1 should be 3.3x103 not 102.
Page A17
Problem 24.49. Answer should be rhoR/6epsilon0
Page I-20 Photo Credits
Chapter 21, E.L. Koschmieder's name is misspelled.
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