Procedures for graduation

In order to graduate with an MS you must complete the graduation requirements and file numerous pieces of paper with the graduate office.

There are three graduation dates each year - in May, August and December.

Print out this page and use it as your checklist.  Most of the necessary forms may be downloaded here.

You will need to decide whether to write a thesis or take the general oral exam.  Once you have decided, you must select a committee of 3 faculty,  fill out the "proposal for culminating experience form" and obtain all of the relevant signatures.  The deadline for filing this form is listed in the class schedule or on this page (see  upcoming deadlines ).

You will need to complete a GAP form.  Make a copy of the form, and fill out the copy.  Bring it to me to check before you complete the official version.  Only courses for which you received a grade of C or better may appear on your GAP. You must have a GPA of at least 3.0 overall and a 3.0 for the courses listed on the GAP.  See upcoming deadlines

Please note that I will be required to certify that you have demonstrated writing proficiency (in English) at the apropriate graduate level.  Generally you can satisy this requirement by writing a thesis, or by writing term papers or papers submitted to journals.  If you have done none of these things, then we need to discuss how you can demonstrate your competence.  Again be sure to do this in plenty of time so that your graduation will not be delayed.  There is a writing course, SCI 614, specifically for graduate students in Science.  Passing this course satisfies the Level I writing proficiency requirement and should prepare you to satisfy the second level writing requirement.

You also need to complete an application for graduation.  (We are up to 3 forms already!)  The deadline for this form is usually later than for the previous 2. See upcoming deadlines.

You must complete your culminating experience (take the comprehensive oral, or write your thesis and pass the thesis defense).  There is yet a 4th form that must be submitted that proves that you have completed this requirement.  The deadline for this is usually a few weeks before the end of the semester.  This form must be obtained from Caroline in the Physics office- it is not available as a download.   Note that this form is in addition to the signature page of the thesis.

Please note that all students must take the GRE and achieve a score of 25th percentile or better in order to take the culminating examination. Be sure that you take the exam in time, so that your graduation is not delayed.  The department must receive your scores prior to the culminating experience examination.

Please see me if you have any questions about these procedures.