The placement test is designed to help me determine where you should begin your studies at SFSU. It is an open book test, and is untimed.  The test is quite long, and it will probably take you much of the day.  We will start at 9am and have a lunch break.  During lunch, you will have an opportunity to meet with your colleagues.  Please meet at my office (TH308).  In the event that I am not there, please check in at the Physics department office.

The material covered includes:

I do not expect that each student will be able to answer all the questions. In fact, if every student could answer every question the test would not serve its purpose. Students who enter our program with a degree in a subject other than physics may not be able to answer many of the questions at all. That is perfectly all right. We just need to find out where you should start, so that your experience with us can be as enjoyable and successful as possible.

SFSU graduates entering the Masters program will be expected to take the test.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions about the test, or any other aspect of our program.
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