Physics 704 and 705: Electrodynamics

This 2-semester sequence in graduate electrodynamics allows us to develop a greater understanding of electromagnetic phenomena as well as practice with mathematical techniques used not only in E&M but in other branches of physics as well. The first semester material includes static fields and boundary value problems as well as an introduction to wave propagation. The second semester material includes special relativity (with 4-vectors and tensors) and generation of EM waves. (The fun stuff.)

Assigned problems are a major part of this class, and will include computer problems as well as analytic solutions.

Grading is based on homework problems, midterm and final examinations.  

Text: Classical Electrodynamics. J.D. Jackson. Wiley. 3rd edition ("the blue book").

Gradshteyn and Ryzhik. Tables of Integrals Series and Products is a useful reference work, as is Mathematics for Physicists (Lea).  Sometimes you will want to go back to the basics (eg. Lea and Burke).

Physics 704 will be offered Spring 2020 Tu Th 12:30-1:45  room Hensill Hall 439

Physics 705 was offered Fall 2006. Tu Th 17:00-18:15  room Th 434
See me if you are interested in doing this course by independent study.

Please note that Physics 785 and Phys 460 (or its equivalent) are prerequisites to Physics 704 and 705. A grade of B or better is recommended.