Assignment #1

Select a recent (within the last year) journal article from either the Astophysical Journal,  (available on line through SFSU library), Monthly Notices of the RAS, Astronomy and Astrophysics, or the Astronomical Journal.  Make a paper copy of your article.  Read it through once, and highlight everything you do not understand.  Bring it to class on Thursday Feb 2.

Assignment # 2
Take three of your highlighted words or phrases and research them.  Use the web, your textbooks, other books in the library.  Take notes!  Be prepared to discuss what you have learned in class.

Assignment # 3
Find three papers listed as references in your original paper.  The Astrophysics data system is a great resource.  Read the abstracts. Make sure you understand the relevance of these articles to your original article.  Come to class prepared to discuss what you have learned.