Physics 242

Instructor: Shuleen Chau Martin
Tuesday, Feb 3 Lab #1 - Bernoulli's law
Tuesday, Feb 10 Lab #2 - Waves and resonance
Tuesday, Feb 17  Lab #3 - Refraction of light
Tuesday, Feb 24 Lab # 12 - Atomic spectra
Tuesday, Mar 3  Lab # 4 - Polarization
Tuesday Mar 10  Lab # 5 - Thin Lenses
Tuesday Mar 17  Lab # 6 - Interference and diffraction
Tuesday Mar 24 Lab # 8- The ideal gas law
Tuesday Mar 31  Lab # 10- Mechanical equivalent of heat
Tuesday Apr 14  Lab # 11- Thermal expansion
Tuesday Apr 21  Lab # 9 - Calorimetry
Tuesday Apr 28 Lab # 7 - Newton's law of cooling
Tuesday May 3  Lab # 13 - Thermal radiation
Tuesday May 12 Make-up day
Tuesday May 19  Lab exam

Lab Manual errata.

Page 4 (and frequently thereafter)
The word "data" is the plural. "Datum" is the singular. Thus one should say "Data are..." not "data is".
Page 5, question time.
As much of the lab report as possible should be written during the lab period. At the very least, you should complete I, II, II, IV and V. You should not plan to leave lab before the 3-hour assigned block of time is up. With diligence, you should b e able to complete almost all of your report during the lab period. You will have the instructor there to answer any questions you may have.
Page 6
Lab books will be collected at least every other week. Check with your instructor for details.
Page 18.
In first paragraph of B, "all the back to the your end of the tube" should be "all the way to the end of the tube" last line, "behave like" should be "behave as if"
Page 29
Last line but one, "if the image is less than 1/2 cm in size"
Page 32
Below equation 38, You should review section 17.3.4 in Lea and Burke
Page 37, footnote
"molocules" shoule be "molecules"
Page 40
1st paragraph, "apparaturs" should be "apparatus"
Page 43
"Tipler" should be "Lea and Burke"
Page 49
"Tipler" should be "Lea and Burke"