Information for incoming students

All students are admitted as conditionally classified.

A conditionally classified student must meet certain conditions(such as specific course equivalencies) as stated in the letter of acceptance to the Graduate Program. Any specific conditional course requirements must be taken on a letter grade basis and may not be used as part of the 30-unit Master's course requirements. Students are advanced to candidacy (and full classified status) upon filing the graduate approved program (GAP)- usually at the beginning of your final year of study. Other than conditions that must be satisfied prior to filing their GAP, conditionally classified graduate students have the full privileges and opportunities of all graduate students.  Taking the placement test is one of the required conditions for every incoming student.

 Students beginning their studies in Spring 2007 should plan to arrive in San Francisco no later than Monday, January  15th

You should plan to be on campus all day on Thursday, January 18th to take the placement test.  Meet Dr. Lea at her office, TH 308, at 9 am.

This test cannot be "passed" or "failed" -- the entire purpose of this test is to determine where in the program you need to start. We have students in the program with a variety of different backgrounds. Each of you is an individual, and each of you has different needs and different desired outcomes. We hope to serve each of you in the optimum way for you. This test will help us to do that.  

After taking the test, you should make an appointment with me to discuss the results and plan your program.  Students must appear on the approved students list to enroll in graduate courses.  Advising appointments will be on Monday, January 22.  Classes start on Wednesday January 24..

Level I English proficiency may be demonstrated by by achieving a score of 4.5 or above on the analytical writing portion of the GRE or by taking and passing the Graduate Essay Test (GET).  The schedule for this test may be obtained from the testing center.  You may prefer to take the writing course SCI 614 during your first semester, or it may be required as one of the conditions of your admission.    Writing proficiency may not be demonstrated through TOEFL. 

You should have received information about registration via internet or touchtone.  You may register for classes before the test--subject to possible changes in your program after your advising meeting--  or you may choose to wait until after we meet.  If you are planning to take undergraduate courses in departments other than Physics, then you should register for those classes as soon as possible.

Students who will be teaching in Spring 2007 should plan to talk with Dr. Lockhart or myself about your teaching responsibilities. There will be a TA training session on Friday January 19th at 3pm in TH 118.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns.