Physics 240

This course is the third semester of a three-semester sequence in introductory physics with the use of calculus. The topics to be covered are: fluids, waves, thermodynamics and optics. Some modern physics will be included if time permits.

This picture shows some of the interesting applications of this material. Fluids both support the windsurfer and propel it across the water. Thermodynamics describes how heat from the sun affects the earth's atmosphere, the windsurfer and the ocean. The waves on the water are another of our topics.

Prerequisistes are Physics 220, 222, 230, 232 and 3 semesters of calculus.

Physics 242 must be taken concurrently.

Course is scheduled MWF at 11.00 am in TH 327.

The mathematical level of this course is no more than that of Physics 230. Students who wish to take Physics 240 prior to Physics 230 should consult with Dr. Lea. In certain cases this may be approved.

Text: Physics: the nature of things by Susan M. Lea and John Robert Burke.
We will be covering the material in Chapters 13-22, Chapter 33, and, if time permits, topics from chapters 34-37. Please consult the reading list for the semester. The reading should be done before coming to class, so that you will be prepared to understand the lecture and to complete the in-class exercises. Quizzes on the reading may be given at any time without prior warning.

Homework is an important element of learning. Please be sure to complete all the assigned problems. An on-line tutorial offers help with some of the homework problems. Feel free to come to office hours for help with problems or any other aspect of the class. In addition there will be a recitation section  given by the lab instructor.

Computer disk Some of the problems require data files or programs that are available on the computer disk that accompanies the textbook. To get a copy of the disk, bring me a blank floppy disk on which you have put a label with your name and the word "windows" or "mac". I will copy the files onto your disk, and return it to you.

Grading will be based on the following.

A minimum score of 50% on homework is required for a grade of C or better. A minimum score of 50% overall is required for a grade of C or better.

Do not hesitate to consult the instructor if you have questions about any aspect of the course.