Errata for Mathematics for Physicists by Susan Lea

Page 60 There are sign errors in equations 1.82 and 1.83. They should be:


Page 62 There are sign errors in the equations for the even mode and the odd mode. The correct equations are:

Page 69 Problem 25 (d).  The sign of the y-component should be positive not negative: +(3y2+x3)

Page 70 Problem 29.  The sign of the solid angle is often defined to be positive when the normal to the surface points away from P. In that case the minus sign in the result should be a plus.

Page 111. Equation 2.48 is missing a minus sign. It should be:

Page 135 (Top line) To use the result (2.13), recall that z1+z2 = z1-(-z2) .

Page 138 In Example 2.21, $R>a/\sqrt{2}$ should be $R>a\sqrt{2}.$

Page 142  Below Figure 2.31, there is a factor of 2 missing in the conversion of cosh kz to exponentials. This factor does not affect the argument.

Page 162 In problem 19, the potential is $V$ and $-V$ on alternate quarters, not alternate halves. The last sentence should read:

"Show that the result for the potential may be expressed ....."

Page 163  In problem 25, the statement "at x = X0, v =V0x" should be" on the x-axis at x = X0, v = -V0x".

Page 181 There is an error of a factor of 1/2 in the ex[ression for u' that continues into the final result Q1/2 which should be just Q1.

Page 193 In the first equation at the top of the page, the sum on the left hand side should also start at m = 0.

Page 206. In Table 3.5, $B$3 should be $B$2 throughout.

Page 234-7. The solution to Example 4.3 should contain only odd n terms. A corrected version of the example is available, that shows the resonant behavior for the $n=3$ term.

Page 252. Half way down the page, $m>1$ should be $m\geq 1.$ In the last line, p > 0 should be p > -1.

Page 253. In step 9, dz' should be dz.

Page 258. In the equation for I(s), there is an extra minus sign after the second equals that should be deleted.

Page 262/3. In Example 5.5, There is an "omega" missing from the argument of the cosine function.

Page 285. In Problem 21, fifth line of the table, $^{225}$ Np MATH Ac, Np should be Ra.

Page 291  In Figure 6.2, the x-axis should be labelled x/pi

Page 306  In the middle of the page, Ishould be |I3|

Page 327. In Example 7.2, in the second equation, the left hand side should have $-\alpha ^{2}x^{2}$ .not $-\alpha x^{2}.$

Page 365. In Step 1, the y-equation solutions should be functions of y not x .

Page 367. In Figure 8.2, the x-axis should be labelled x/a not x .

Page 394. MATH not $V/2.$ $A_{00}Y_{00}=V/2,$ so the expression for the potential is correct.

Page 402.  In the expression for dJ/dnu, there is a missing factor of 1/2nu. This factor does not affect the argument.

Page 424 In equation 8.128, the differential element $dx$ should be $dr.$

Page 430  In problem 6, in the first line of the answer for  In l , (n-1)!! should be (n-l)!! (en minus el).

Page 434  In problem 30(a), there is a missing factor of (-1)n in front of the Bessel function in the summation.

Page 449 In the expression for A23, the z bar in the denominator should be z.

Page 467 At the end of the first paragraph beginning The rotation group, there is an extra sentence "This group is Abelian." which should be deleted.

Page 461 Problem 10. The electric field must be both divergence free and curl free at the origin. This one is divergence-free but not curl free. Please change the components to:


Page 523 The integral should be with respect to z, not z'.

Page 599 The reference for "Regular singular point" should be page 178 not 78

Errata in Student Solutions Manual

Page 7 In the fourth equation there is a factor of two missing from the MATH term. It should be:
The rest of the solution is not affected, because this term drops out.

The next equation is missing the $=0.$ It should be

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