Nexa 380

Cosmologies and Worldviews.

Drs. G. Green (English) and S. Lea (Physics and Astronomy)

Class schedule Fall 2005




Reading from Ferris

Aug 24 Introduction. Course Procedures. Film Powers of Ten
Handout on units

Aug  31
Isaac Asimov:  Nightfall [cosmology, myth and diversity]
Ancient Egypt; The early Greek philosophers: Ionians, Pythagoreans.
Chapter 1
Sep  7 Geometry, circular motion,  Aristotelian Cosmology. 
 Sophocles: Oedipus Rex (ed. Greene)
Chapter 2
Sep 14 Class will meet in the Planetarium TH 424.
Basic Astronomy.
Lucretius: De rerum natura (excerpt). [Ancient Rome]

Sep 2 Lucius Apuleius: The Golden Ass [northern African cosmology in late antiquity]
 First Physics assignment due
Dates for authors in classical period

Sep 28
Film - The name of the rose [Spain, Italy] Chapter 3
Oct 5
Wm. Shakespeare: Hamlet [England]
 2nd Physics assignment due
Cosmology in Hamlet
Hamlet's Mill 

Oct 12  Music of the spheres (Video). [Moorish/Islamic cosmology]
 Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo. 
Kepler's Laws [Poland; Germany; Italy]
Chapter 4
Oct 19 The starry messenger (Video) (S. Sea Islands; Native American]
 Donne: First Anniversarie. [England]
 3rd Physics assignment due
Chapter 5
Oct 26 Newtonian Physics. [England]
Andrew Marvell: To his coy mistress. Voltaire: Micromegas [French]
Final project topic statement due
Dates for authors in Renaissance period
Newton's Laws
Chapters 6, 7
Nov 2 Pope: Essay on Man (excerpt).  Brooke: Man. [England]
Eliot: The Hollow Men. [American]
Macleish: The End of the World
 Midterm due
Chapters 8, 9
Nov 9 Special and General relativity. 
Pynchon: Entropy. [American]
Zoline: The Heat Death of the Universe [modern feminist]
4th Physics assignment due
Chapters 10, 11
Nov 16 Beckett: Waiting for Godot. [Irish]
Bronk: Metonymy as an approach to the real world. The Feeling. [American]
Final project- first draft due.
Chapter 12
Nov 30
Carol Hill: The eleven million mile high dancer  [modern feminist]
 5th Physics assignment due
 Final project due
Chapters 13, 14
Dec 7  Gould : Mind and Supermind
  Papagiannis:  Natural Selection of Civilizations ....
  Rusty Schweickart: No frames, no boundaries
Chapters 15-20

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